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About us

Founded in 1981, SOPAL is mainly renowned as a brass-producing company. It has an integrated system of production. In addition, it enjoys the privilege of having a highly performing research department specialised in technical surveys and equipped with ultramodern, sophisticated technology for computer-assisted product development and design (CAPD and CAPD). In addition, the company's workshop is fitted with digitally-operated machinery for manufacturing all types of tools utlised in the production process whenever the need arises.

SOPAL currently demonstrates expertise in five manufacturing processes. They are namely: automated hot stamping, casting in a chill mould, pressure injection, digitally-operated machinery chromium and nickel plating.

In its workshop, an assembly line serves the dual function of assembling parts and allowing the inspection of finished products on a single-item basis.

De facto, SOPAL is specialized in:

  • the manufacture of mixers, taps and faucets for baths, showers, washbasins, sinks, hand wash, lavatories and bidets (sanitary taps).
  • the manufacture of fitting / fittings for water and gas installation>
  • the manufacture of volume water meter and house connection
  • the manufacture of cylinder gas valves

Since its foundation, SOPAL has managed to build a whole tradition in terms of technical know -how which is so aptly conceived as to meet all customer requirements regarding specific items. The company's outstanding reputation concerning the standard goods displayed on catalogue is a futher asset.

Initially granted ISO 9001 certification five years ago, SOPAL opts today for attaining the highest quality management standard.

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